If you landed here, you are after tips on trading crypto and stocks. Trading is all about focus and action. Sometimes it is a matter of seconds. And always - it's a matter of how much information you have on hand. Therefore, I will share with you my own setup, plus a choice of apps for trading with reviews of each.

Why this setup?

Now, I am not sure about how you live your life (maybe you’ll let me know?), but I am a very private person. Meaning - I don’t share what my breakfast was yesterday on social media, nor post photos of my drunk buddies. On the other hand, I love discussing privately which opportunities are hot right now - with a small group of good friends. Make a few thousand a day and put money in your pocket and enjoy life. Never share what you do, but share how.

In the past several years, I carefully researched and compared tens, if not hundreds of tools before deciding. And what is most important is that I do my own research, not just blindly trust others - how it will affect ME, not someone else is what matters. How I feel about it. Will it make me happy? Who cares if you can succeed in someone else's way? I want to make it my own way. And for this I have one rule that I learned from pilot training: If you don't know what to do, it’s better not to do anything than making a wrong move. If you don’t know what to do, invest time and effort in finding out what you NEED to do, rather than doing anything random and making a mistake. So choose carefully, and be focused.

Macy’s vs Bitcoin

A few days ago, Macy’s went up 18%. The day before, I loaded Macy’s into my portfolio as it was clear that it was oversold and the company would punch another set of good numbers for the quarter which included the Black Friday and Christmas shopping crazies. I do admit I sold it before it reached the 18% high as it was a great return. Do I feel like I need to trade crypto after it? Well, not really. Nasdaq offers a big selection of stocks which jump up and down more than a drunk cowboy on the wildest bull of the wild west, so why bother with anything else. Yet, as my fingers start to itch on the weekend, I look at the ‘market closed’ sign for far too long and - well, hello bitcoin.


Here is a photo of my trading environment with 4 screens which together make my trading setup a pleasure for any action. 

  • 6-inch phone - direct communication
  • 15-inch laptop - buying and selling
  • 28-inch external monitor - monitoring my portfolio and opportunities
  • 40-inch TV - overview of current market events (and streaming Bloomberg via Chromecast)

(No, I don’t trade in the basement, on my right is a huge wall of glass overlooking the garden, but I do trade at night, as I am located in Taiwan, which is 12 hours ahead of US trading hours)

Now, let me take you through all the apps in my investing stack!

1 - TradingView

If you make at least $1,000 a month, or rather per day, you want to use that time smartly and have as much focus as possible, so every action is laser targeted and profitable. For this you need the best overview of current market data. There is only one platform that gives you beautiful, fast, easy-to-use charts - it’s TradingView. 

You can start for free and have a few annoying pop-up ads coming at you, but still it's very useful. Yet, if you want to focus and earn - I highly recommend getting a paid account. I have been a premium member for years and never looked back. It is beautiful. I can arrange charts as I like, get intervals as short as seconds, and when I am in day-trading mood, I have really easy to use lists - on which I have over 200 tickets, separated in folders and color coded, so it is a breeze to find the ones I love. Pre-saved layouts allow me to switch modes depending on the market conditions. Meta ($FB) falls again? 19% down in pre-market. It’s time to short some non-profitable social media startups. I have a pre-saved folder and cart layout for this - so it takes just a few seconds and I am all focused on shorting those stocks.

TradingView has other features such as large social sharing sections, scanners and a lot of technical indicators. I do use 3-5 indicators for long term investments and none of the social tools. Yes, none, as I am happy to focus on my work. There are also scanners, which are good and I do use them for discovering new related stocks to trade. 

Another great advantage of TradingView is the vast amount of data and hundreds of data feeds with stocks, futures, indices, forex, Bitcoin, and CFDs. Which gives you a lot of options to find your perfect match. As someone who traveled around the world a lot (during pre-pandemic times), I do appreciate it's all-in-one platform. 

Desktop apps are the best and fastest, and mobile apps are good enough, but not as useful. The browser experience is similar to desktop, but slower.

Kudos to their customer support, which is fast and efficient, and James B, the man who is always there to help me out on making my experience just perfect.

To see see real-time market data - go to

2 - IBKR

After finding the perfect ticker to invest in - you need a reliable platform for the execution. My pick is Interactive Brokers. This is one of the most secure, reliable and superbly featured platforms. 

You will get access to a huge choice of trading stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds in one platform. You will pay as low as nothing (yes, $0) to an average of $1 per trade, which is peanuts. Especially if you love Macy’s or Tesla. Or any investment vehicle and market. 

Crypto is also available on IBKR through Paxos, which is an NYC regulated exchange and possibly one of the best options to trade crypto.

I love how fast and easy it is to trade on IBKR. It's Marvel-hero-like fast and precise. It puts Robinhood to shame, as performance and precision is unmatched. Plus you have really fast support, which will jump on the phone and help you with anything you need in minutes.

My recommendation is to use their desktop app (TWS). As the charts are not as nice to look at and use, I minimize them and use only the trading (buying/selling) tool and portfolio window as an overlay over the TradingView’s charts. You can make them sticky to top and they will float over your TradingView charts, making it a perfect setup to quickly react and add another lot of LCID stocks when TSLA starts jumping like a happy rabbit on the first day of spring. 

Their mobile app is very well done, one of the best designed apps out there. It's super easy to trade, schedule, view and explore. I could almost use their app alone, but when I am in a day-trading mood and want to buy/sell 10 things in an hour, it is much faster and easier to manage it all on the desktop.

If you want to trade at a low cost, have a huge choice of trading securities and sleep like a little lamb knowing that your investment portfolio is with reliable and professional platform - do yourself a favor
and join www.interactivebrokers.com

3 - Crypto.com

While I do love to trade SP500 and make a few thousand a day, crypto has slowly come to my door too. Yes, I have started trading my first coins. For that reason I picked Crypto.com

Crypto.com is a huge platform with a lot of buzz currently. If you watch F1, it's Crypto.com on every banner. When someone gets hit by a freight-train like punch in UFC, he slaps his face over the Crptyo.com banner on the floor of the octagon. And when the LA Lakers say they will play at home, they mean the Crypto.com Arena. Yes, Crypto.com is everywhere, and they invest a lot not only in advertising, but in their platform, support and reliability - for this reason I picked them as my cryptocurrency trading platform. Also they allow transfers from PayPal and not only from your bank account, which is great for me, as I get some money flowing in on PayPal and not having much use for it otherwise - this way I can get into coins and grow my cake a little bigger and bigger. 

There are other amazing options on Crypto.com, such as it can be your platform to get into NFTs. Or you can get a Metal Visa card to impress someone special when you decide to spend your hard earned NFT-millions. But, please check all the small print and conditions. For example, you will pay $70 just to close the card if you don’t use it and you may end up paying other fees too. Yet, if you want one platform for all your digital currencies, this is an amazing choice. 

The platform is not that fancy when using it in the browser, but works well. Therefore, their mobile app (Android for me) is the place to be - it's easy to use, fast and reliable. And if you don’t trade that many coins at the same time, it's probably all you need.

Would you like to get into decentralized portfolio management?
Start here: crypto.com

3 - Rolo Secure Chat

As said, I am not a social person, rather a guy who enjoys a heart-to-heart with friends and does my job very professionally and precisely. Therefore you will not see me tweeting to buy $ARKK for your retirement plan, but I do like to discuss, in private, with select friends which company will bring us our next winnings. For this, we use Rolo Secure Chat. Rolo’s app is easy and free to use, with features focused on business, privacy and security - all of which I appreciate greatly. 

Built in partnership with BlackBerry, a leader in cybersecurity protection, trusted by the USA and Canadian governments, as well as a number of large corporations around the world. The team at Rolo has gone a step even further and made sure your communication is protected and end-to-end encrypted, plus you have advanced file permission controls, such as showing files to select people and then revoking view access after a several minutes, or deleting your messages even months later, keeping your ideas secret and available in only the ways you want them to be. Rolo also does not have any type advertising, no distractions and no tracking or cookies of any kind. 

When you don’t want to see messages from friends who brag about the infinity pool they jumped into some three year ago, but only when a new hot SPAC is about to hit the market, this is the place to be. Focus on business and money. You can also translate messages instantly, hide chats, and create your own groups with tags, so all contacts are nicely organized and you know who is your person when crypto is hot, or with whom to discuss when $YETI stock is just too cheap to ignore. Sidenote: I loved Rolo so much, that after talking to co-founder Momday, I joined the team as their CMO.

As Rolo is a startup with very interesting features coming up in the next several months, I am super-glad to be an early adopter and secure my free account in time. I wish others knew more about Rolo as they could enjoy some benefits of successful business communication, and not end up paying fines of $200M for using WhatsApp to discuss private and sensitive information related to their clients, as one big-name bank did recently. 

Talk to those who matter to you without any fear of prying eyes.
Join Rolo at www.rolo.chat

That’s it - 4 aces to win every time. Works for me. I hope the above will help you in finding your perfect setup for trading stocks or crypto.

Now - go get ‘em Tiger! Which is very appropriate to say as it's the Chinese year of the Tiger, so it is a year to leap into prosperity.