We all love to see immediate cost savings, but what are the real costs of multi-app usage? The amount of time we spend switching between Zoom, Slack, email, etc. all day, not to mention the multiple times a day we check our personal social apps (admit it - we all do it).

The constant notifications and the general need for different features on different apps eat up a large amount of our day. Not to mention, there's nothing worse than forgetting that great idea you just had because of the distraction and pressure we feel to immediately respond to others when all those different apps’ notifications go off.

Communication tools “cost” companies an average of $28,209 per employee, per year.

(Source: online.rescuetime)

One estimate for the total annual cost of all the chaos companies with 100 employees experience is $420,000. For companies with 100,000, that number rises to $62.4 million (Source: online.rider.edu)! That's a lot of cash out the door for small to medium-size businesses, not to mention the enormous costs to large companies.

At Rolo, we value time as much as money. That's why we're focused on creating an app that not only has obvious cost savings, but more importantly, we're creating a tool that bypasses all those hidden costs and keeps us (and hopefully you) focused all day so that we can all get out and enjoy our other passions.

In a nutshell, the Rolo Secure Chat app is all your communication tools rolled into one: Secure messaging, video calls, and large file transfers. Along with all the quick tools we love in our social apps that acknowledge you've seen a message; like hitting an emoticon. 

For those of us who are worried (or annoyed) about typing or saying something only to be hit with ads for weeks with random products no one needs, we created Rolo Secure Chat app in partnership with Blackberry, making use of their military-grade end-to-end encryption for all your chats that prevents anyone apart from you and your conversations participants from having access to your chat data. Rolo ensures no one is touching your data and more importantly no one is selling your data.

We've just started rolling (I could use so many puns with our name, but I'll spare everyone) our Beta version. Give it a try now on Android and iPhone, and look for our full rollout later this summer.