Security trusted by pros worldwide

BlackBerry has spent the last 20 years securing communication of enterprises, governments, banks and finance institutions all over the world. Rolo brings you that level of security for your day-to-day business chats.

Messages, file transfers and calls are end-to-end encrypted by default. In addition, the messages are digitally signed and subject to integrity signature checks. These guarantee the confidentiality of your business communications.

Secure group chats + calls

Do you need to share information across multiple organizations? Go all the way up to 255 participants in one group chat or start a group call for up to 35 participants, with audio, video and screen-sharing*.

*Available December 2020

Business is global

So is Rolo with the support of 10+ languages. Want Rolo in your language? Just let us know!


Powerful yet easy admin features*

Administer your team members' access and permission from the Rolo mobile apps or the Rolo web application. Audit your team's business communications, with up to 5 year of message history available only to your company.

*Available January 2021

Available on multiple platforms simultaneously

Sync all your business contacts across different devices. Start a conversation on your computer and keep it on-going while on the go on with the Rolo iPhone or Android apps.

Use Rolo on two phones at the same time without fear of losing your chat history, all while keeping your data secure and confidential.

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