@ Mentions

While typing your message in group conversations, tap the @ key on your keyboard to reveal a list of participants in your chat.

Choose the name of the participant(s) you want to mention, and they'll receive a special, highlighted message.

🖤 messages

Double-tap on a message to "Like" it with a black heart, showing your approval or acknowledgement.

You can see others in your chat liked a message with a white and counter.

While inside a conversation, tap on the conversation's title to see your list of "Liked messages" for easy retrieval.

Tag contacts & conversations

Long press on a contact or conversation and choose the "Tag" option to add a new or existing tag to better organized your communications.

In the search box, tap the # key to reveal a list of tags that you can use to narrow down your contacts and conversations.

Undo message sending

Ever sent a message and immediately noticed a typo or mistake? For 5 seconds after sending a message in Rolo, you'll see our "Undo send" button, which will delete the message from the recipients' devices and bring the original message text back into your message input field for correction.

Enlarge messages

Tap once on any message in your conversations to see a full-screen focused view of that message in a larger font.

From this view, you can highlight and copy specific parts of the message you need as well as tap a button to see the full message history, including details of who else has read the message.

Archive conversations

Clean up your old conversations by filing them away in the Archive. Simply long press on a chat in the Conversations list and choose "Archive".

It will automatically jump out of the Archive if there are any new messages.

Personal notes

Want to remember important details about your contacts? Tap on a contact on your Contacts page and enter a "Personal note" that only you can see.

Peek at unread conversations

While inside one chat, and there are other chats demanding your attention, a red handle will appear just above the message input.

Pull this handle up to reveal the conversations which have new messages within them and decide if they're worth leaving the current chat for.