Secured by BlackBerry

Rolo has included BlackBerry end-to-end encrypted chat technology in the Rolo app.

Originally gaining popularity with their secure smartphones, BlackBerry has evolved into a company that specializes in securing mission-critical data for governments, banks and global enterprises around the world. In that time, BlackBerry has protected more than 100 million users and 1 billion daily messages globally.

Now, Rolo is one of the first companies to bundle BlackBerry secure communications technology within a commercial cloud application.


What does BlackBerry tech do for your communications?

If you use Rolo for your business communications, you can relax in the knowledge that:

  • Messages are digitally signed, so that you're sure who sent each message in your app
  • Messages are encrypted, so you know that only the intended recipient can read the message
  • Messages are subjected to integrity signature checks, so that the message can't be modified in transit

Thanks to BlackBerry, messages sent through Rolo are protected from being viewed or modified by anyone other than the sender and intended recipients.

My instant messaging app is encrypted, isn't that good enough?

Double-check the details - Being simply "Encrypted" or "Encrypted at transit and at rest" is not the same as being "End-To-End Encrypted". Without End-to-End Encryption, the owner of your communications platform may still have access to your messages, and that same access could be granted to anyone who might want to spy on your communications.

End-To-End Encryption (E2EE), means that neither Rolo nor BlackBerry have any access to your messages - only you and the recipient do.

This additional level of security means that if you and the recipients maintain strict control and secure practices over the devices that send and receive messages, your private conversations can stay private FOREVER.

Can I know more technical details?

Rolo's integration of BlackBerry secure communications technologies enables us to meet the rigorous security demands of the most highly regulated organizations and industries, with standards and certifications such as: