DevOps Engineer

Job location:
Ho Chi Minh City or Taipei City

About Rolo Secure Chat

Rolo is a business oriented secure messaging platform. The application aims to be a complete communication tool, offering features such as video conferencing and file sharing. Security is one one of our primary focuses, and we partnered with BlackBerry to build a fully end-to-end encrypted messaging layer. Our aim is to become the leading application for business messaging. We have released a first public version of the application and just finished a round of fundraising.

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  • Can express yourself fluently in English
  • Have worked in a tech & startup environment
  • Have worked with an agile methodology
  • Are accomplishment driven
  • Want to make an impact
  • Are actively looking to work in an international context
  • Are curious and looking forward learning new things
  • Are flexible, proactive and resourceful

Your job

  • Deploy backend services
  • Design and provision the cloud infrastructure
  • Build and maintain automation and deployment tools
  • Setup observability and alerts
  • Monitor the systems and ensure reliability
  • Build automation pipelines with other teams
  • Investigate and troubleshoot issues
  • Track costs and offer solutions to improve spendings

Minimum requirements

  • 3+ years of experience in a DevOps position
  • Advanced Kubernetes knowledge (Security practices, networking, API)
  • Experience in building and maintaining Helm charts, using the templating language at its full potential
  • Experience with Terraform, its data structures and function
  • Experience working with public cloud providers
  • Built and monitored systems using Prometheus/Grafana
  • Docker has no secret for you
  • Built and maintained CI/CD pipelines

Preferred experience

  • Experience building on Google Cloud
  • Experience in building advanced orchestration softwares that make direct API calls to the Kubernetes master
  • Able to write programs in Javascript and/or Go
  • Build CI/CD pipeline with CircleCI
  • Experience with tracing systems and troubleshooting networks
  • Advanced security knowledge and experience building security first infrastructures
  • Management experience
  • Experience with multi region clusters
  • Deployed and maintained PostgreSQL / Redis Cluster / ElasticSearch / InfluxDB / Nginx / Cert-Manager

Perks of the job

  • 13th month salary
  • 2 days or remote work per week
  • Flexible work hours
  • Diner and taxi subsidy when required to stay late
  • Sport membership subsidy
  • Regular team building activity days
  • 14+ days of holiday on top of national holidays (Christmas day is off for everyone)
  • Generous wedding, maternity, and paternity leaves

Recruitment process

  1. Introduction interview with hiring manager (5-15 min)
  2. Technical interview with the team lead (1h)
  3. Technical test (small task to do at home within a week)
  4. Final interview with the management team (30min)

How to apply for this job

Email your CV, cover letter & any relevant examples of your work to